Revelation of Love Baptismal Candidates


Caption: Baptismal Candidates pose for photo with David Machado and Laura Williams at the end of the Revelation of Love Seminar Series hosted by Amity Seventh-day Adventist Church in Amity, Arkansas.  Photo by Handel G. Smith.

For the month of September 2021, Amity Seventh-day Adventist Church has hosted the evangelist Pastor David Machado and his team, sound engineer Ernie Hernandez, international vocalist Laura Williams, along with technical engineer Jonathan Riddle for the Revelation of Love Seminar.  Day by day, the pews were packed with students, staff, church members from near and far, and community members from Amity and beyond.  At times, the recently built church seemed filled to capacity, as electrifying messages of love, hope, and personal conviction were streamed from the pulpit to the Amity SDA Church's Youtube channel.

At the beginning of each event, registration tags were scanned and entered into a drawing for godly literature which would lead people to a deeper knowledge of scripture and of Christ.  All this led up to the grand prize of an iPad on the final day, certainly not a necessary draw for the sincere truth seeker, but interesting none-the-less.


As the end-time events were revealed, at the end of each program, a call was made focusing on various aspects of character that the Holy Spirit may have revealed in the hearts of the seminar members that need to be revised or rejected.  To the surprise of many, roughly 30 souls made the decision to be baptized, or rebaptized.  The vast majority of these precious souls were Ouachita Hills Academy students. 

The baptism dates are yet to be announced, but in the coming weeks, you can tune in to the Amity SDA Church's Youtube channel to see the baptisms as they occur.

You may also enjoy discovering more about Laura Williams as she sings on her website and on her Youtube Channel.

Congratulations to all of our baptismal candidates, and Happy New-Birth Day!

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