1st Herbert Polk Annual Lecture Series

What could we do to honor someone who has given so much of his life to Ouachita Hills?  How can we best inspire students to render to God self-less service  when a prime example of that service is no longer on our campus? These were the questions the Board of Directors contemplated at its meeting in December.  
For 19 years Herbert Polk selflessly served as a volunteer on our campus and for much of that time, as a member of the Board of Directors.  An inspiring and knowledgeable agriculture teacher and director, a faithful friend, a constant example of an excellent work ethic,  and a beloved member of the staff was he.  He kept campus looking "purty" as he would say and taught us all to notice our surroundings and to keep them beautiful.  All this he accomplished in retirement in his 70s and 80s!
The decision was made to establish an annual Herbert Polk Lecture series with the purpose of inspiring us all to render unselfish service for God and others.  Who better to introduce the series than Herbert Polk himself?
March 8 and 9 Herbert and his grandson Nathan, a graduate of Ouachita Hills Academy (now attending Weimar College) shared the platform as the lecture series began.  What a blessing it was to have both of these young men (After all Herbert is only 91) here to share experiences and the word of God with us.  
How impactful were the messages?  If the line of academy and college students which  formed to express appreciation for the messages and have pictures taken with Mr. Polk is any indication--the messages were very impactful!

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