Backpacking & Camping

This past weekend, the academy students had the privilege to enjoy nature on OHA’s annual backpacking trip. We had the opportunity to learn how to tie bear bags to a tree and cooperate in small groups to make our own meals. This year we hiked about twelve miles. Although it seem like a very small distance, it’s quite difficult when you are carrying a thirty pound backpack. This trip has made us thankful for things we have and tested our patience but overall it was an awesome experience.

- Yessica Mendoza

Other academy students and staff that didn't go backpacking headed to the campgrounds at Lake Greeson for a few days of camping. We got to relax, study the Bible, spend time in nature, hike, and do team-building activities like making a tower out of dry spaghetti. Even though it was cold in our tent, there were a few bugs, and our clothes smelled like campfire smoke, we thoroughly enjoyed our time camping and worshiping God in the creation that He made.

- Lorensa Nieves 

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