Harriet Clark
Instructor: Bible Doctrines, Principles of the Christian Home

Degrees: B.S., M.S.



TaLaura Calkins
Instructor: English II, IV, and Consumer Math

Degrees: B.A.




Steve Chacón
Auto Mechanic

Degrees: A.S., A.S.




Yaneli Landa
Food Service Co-Director

Experience: Domestic Engineering





Melvin Glass
Instructor: Physics, Algebra I, Pre-Calculus
Vocational Supervisor: Masonry

Degree: M.A.





Emily Martins
Instructor: Choir Director

Degrees: B.M., M.M.





Robert Neall
Instructor: Life and Teachings of Jesus, U.S. History, World History, Bell Choir

Degrees: B.A., M.Div.






Moses Park
Information Technology

Certification: CompTIA A+




Clint Ratliff
Grounds Keeping
Instructor: English Instructor

Degree: M.F.A







Jona Ratliff
Girl's Dean
Vocational Instructor: Office Skills

Degree: B.S. 





Carla Riddle
Instructor: Keyboarding





Robert Riddle
Instructor and Vocational Supervisor: Construction and Maintenance







Jensen Ruud
Project Coordinator
Instructor: Algebra II

Degrees: A.S., B.A.





Handel Smith
Media Production Coordinator
Vocational Instructor: Graphic Design

Degrees: B.S., M.P.H.



Minjoo Smith
Food Service Co-Director

Degree: B.S.





Hector Yanez
Instructor and Vocational Supervisor: Construction

Degree: B.A.