OHA Registration for 2021-2022



As summer draws to a close, students prepare to reunite on campus for registration in the 2021-2022 school year.  This year students will be on campus in person.  New arrivals are asked to review the Student Handbook for what to bring, and what procedures to follow for a smooth transition back to school life.  Prepare to hit the ground running as this year holds much promise of renewed activity, learning, and memories that will last a lifetime.  Though the schedule may fill up fast, let the morning devotion hour be your lifeline for renewed strength.

Among things to look forward to on registration day are taking ID photos.  Be fresh and ready for photos upon registration.  Those who are unavailable later, will be have these photos used in the Academy Yearbook.  Consider signing up for Bell Choir, Small Choir, or Large Choir, or even private music lessons.  Not musical?  Why not sign-up to assist with the live streamed programs, spaces are limited.  There's also the opportunity to take one of a variety of vocational classes once a week, though choices and spaces may also be limited.  Daily practical skill upgrade opportunities will consist of indoor and/or outdoor projects that will sharpen your endurance in practical areas.  For example, assisting with cookery builds a good understanding of health reformer gastronomy, food preparation ethics, endurance, timeliness, patience under pressure, cleanliness, and attention to detail.  All in all, when diplomas are conferred, the graduates will be well equipped to stand their ground in the faith, and boldly move forward on the path God has prepared for them.

Among the favorite classes of the students stands LTJ, or Life and Teachings of Jesus.  This class, as taught by Pastor Robert Neall, is one to look forward to.  Those who've looked at history as old or unnecessary previously, will take another look at history from a new perspective.  Just ask any one of the students who have passed the class.  It's life changing.

If you haven't already, you can start the registration process online.  Just click HERE to get the ball rolling.

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